Anhui Contango New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in May 2019, is a national high-tech company with two R&D and production centers in Hefei and Shanghai Lingang. Contango Technology is committed to providing a whole chain of solutions for hydrogen production critical materials, core components and equipment in R&D, production and service. Our industrial layout includes hydrogen production from PEM water electrolysis, AEM water electrolysis and other business directions.

We possess many independent intellectual property rights to core technologies. Our flagship products, catalysts and membrane electrode assemblies, have achieved international standards in terms of technical performance,  breaking the price barrier, achieving mass production, and taking the lead in the R&D of low precious metals and native materials. With our full-process service capabilities for R&D accumulation and production verification, we have worked with the world’s top 500 new energy companies and leading enterprises in other industries, supplying essential materials and technical solutions to more than 80 customers at home and abroad. Providing value-added services, we strive to help the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry to flourish.


Professional, Concentration, Pragmatic, Home and country


Promote the further development and breakthrough of hydrogen production products and technologies


To be a leading supplier of critical materials and core components for the hydrogen production, providing clean and efficient energy for the world

Self-developed Mass-produced

Fully self-developed Ir-based catalysts and Pt-based catalysts can be mass produced on a kilogram scaleAbility to mass produce large-size PEMWE membrane electrode assembly with high batch consistency, proven to be suitable for multi-batch and high volume

Catalyst annual capacity/kg

MEA annual capacity/m²

Hydrogen production project support capability/MW

Innovation-driven Continuous research

Our team specialises in R&D of critical materials for hydrogen energy, and we have collaborated with highly qualified teams from universities such as the University of Science and Technology of China. We currently have two joint laboratories, over 100 internal and external R&D staff and 66 patents.